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Verbraucherinformation und Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Great Britain

  1. The articles listed by us are usually in large numbers in stock. Nevertheless it can occur, that some articles may be on back-order. This is especially true with new items.
    We have no order minimum. Shipments are EUR 15.-.You can write in the order on our homepage, if you want to have the items all of one or not. If you want the items not all of one, you can say at which EUR we should make an shipment for Items which are in backlog. Merchandise, which is not shipped before the 31. of January of a year, is canceled completely.
  2. All articles delivered by us are absolutely brand-new. We take no used articles in trade, and we sell no used articles.
  3. Shipping takes place as follows:
    a. Against advance payment, i.e. the ordered goods are invoiced and are reserved for you for 10 days.
    Upon receipt of your payment we will promptly ship the goods you paid for. On this occasion bank-charges may have been incurred.
    b. Payment by Credit Cards (only Visa or MasterCard is accepted) incurs no charges.
  4. The goods ordered will not be shipped if your payment is late. We reserve the right to return payments, less Bank charges.
  5. Should the goods arrive damaged, then you should immediately notify the shipping company. The damaged goods have to be returned to us within 5 days of receipt, accompanied with a confirmation by the shipping company. New goods will be substituted free of charge.
    Articles are excluded which no longer are available from the supplier or were samples.
  6. Should new goods show other damages or problems, then this is to be reported within 5 days of receipt. Returns are only accepted if we agreed to it beforehand. Otherwise acceptance will be refused.
  7. Merchandise, which is shipped after the 31. of January of a year or an order will be billed using the new prices, even if this merchandise was ordered before the 31. of January of a year.
  8. We sell only to end-user and not to dealers.
  9. In case of errors we reserve the right to use the correct pricing.


1. By mail to: Spielwaren Reimann GmbH, Untere Gießwiesen 15, 78247 Hilzingen, Deutschland

2. By Internet: 24 hours daily 365 days per year.

3. By fax: +49 (0) 7731 98 99 20, 24 hours daily, 365 days per year

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